QLINK: EMF Dangers

Qlink Recent clinical and laboratory studies have shown that the EMFs (electromagnetic fields) emitted from your cell phone can cause dangerous health conditions including :

Headache       Sleep disruption       Brain tumors       Alzheimer       Parkinson

Altered memory function, concentration and spatial awareness       Other forms of cancer

Articles about the Health Risks of EMF (electromagnetic fields).

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Qlink electrosensibilidad Electromagnetic Fields May Cause Cancer

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Are EMFs Hazardous to Our Health?

The levels of microwave and ELF emitted from cell phones into the heads of users are millions of times above the levels of corresponding, naturally occurring background EMFs. Furthermore, the emissions from cell phones are totally different in their structure from natural background EMFs. Cell phones emit constant bursts of microwave and constant pulses of ELF; fields in nature have totally random properties. In conclusion, cell phone EMF emissions are of a very different nature of natural emissions of EMF.
Even when you are not speaking with your mobile phone it emits potentially harmful radiations if it is not switch off. Many people experience headaches, dizziness, memory loss or fatigue when using the mobile phone, but even the people who does not feel any discomfort are at an increased risk of brain cancer.

Trailer from the documentary Cell Phone War produced in 2005 about the health effects from mobile phones radiation exposure. 
Don't miss this BBC News video about
effects of EMF & Qlink in blood cells.Qlink Video
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"The human body like all living things has an electromagnetic frequency. For example, cells in the brain communicate electronically. As technology progress we surround ourselves with more more and more pieces of equipment which emits their own electromagnectic frequencies with the potential to interfere with our owns. When we are exposed to the frequencies ranging from 10-100 Hz those particular frequencies disturb the cells significantly. The cells start breaking apart, giving ground to viruses, bacterias, yeasts and molds to grow. " BBC report.

According to one recent study, 70-80% of the energy emitted from the antenna of your cell phone is absorbed in your head. Statistics show a direct correlation between the increased incidence of brain tumors and the increased numbers of cell phone users in the general population. Your child's brain is particularly susceptible to the negative effects of cell phone radiation because younger skulls are thinner and still growing.

Are Brain Tumors Caused by Cell Phones? There has been an staggering 40% increase in brain tumor over the last 20 years.

Paul Chek, renowned personal trainer.

"My Q-Link is what I call vibrational reassurance. I wear it with the confidence that even in Time Square or down town London, I am not being electromagnetically polluted."


The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life .
by Robert O. Becker, MD.

Cell Towers: Wireless Convenience? or Environmental Hazard?.
By B. Blake Levitt.

An explosive documentary that gives you a never before look at the wireless revolution and the potentially irreversible effects on your health.

Cell Phones: Invisible hazards in the Wireless Age.
By George Carlo.

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